My debut ‘Futuralgia’ was released on Swedish label 1631 Recordings in 2016.
8 songs with the felt piano as the central element, recording by placing mics very close on the hammers of the piano to create this magical sound. enveloping, emotional, atmospheric and delicate songs that transport the listener of the melancholic past to the future of hope.
‘Inwards’ (2019) this second album broadens the sound registers of Nil Ciuró's music, exploring a contrast from the minimal piano songs like 'Collide' or 'Inner' soli to the darker and more aggressive electronics on 'Invoke' harps, pianos, cellos intermingle with organic and evocative analog synths. Experimentation and sound as an opening element of new sound structures for instrumental music.
Oversoul’ (2021) piano solo album, ‘I started composing at the beginning of lockdown, when the feeling of unreality was due to the fact that something real was happening to us for the first time, all together, at the same time. During these months of forced confinement, I have been able to compose and deploy everything I have felt, imagined and reflected on my soul. This magnificent instrument has become my best shelter.’

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